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WB Weekend Challenge: Let’s Get Serious

One of my favorite videos on the internet is Arnold spotting Ed Corney on squats. Ed is squatting what looks to me to be 405 pounds for reps. Which set he is on I can only imagine, but Ed is totally shot and you can tell. He absolutely would not have made any more than 5 lifts if he didn’t have Arnold behind him.


Arnold, as calm as can be, around rep 9, when Ed looks as if he is about to die, simply says “c’mon. let’s get serious.” You can see the video here.

Well, in this weekend’s challenge I am challenging you guys to get serious. Last week we had a little fun and got a nice bicep pump, but this weekend the fun and games are over and we are going to do a leg challenge. I really implore all of you to do this one. This is such a brutal challenge that getting through it will totally change your feelings about yourself. Trust me on this one fellas, you want to face this and destroy it.

This workout, the 1000 Rep Leg Workout, is from Massive Joe’s. Massive Joe’s (www.massivejoes.com) is a great resource for all of your bodybuilding needs and you guys should check out there website.

If you could go on a date with your biggest celebrity crush or workout with Arnold, which would your first lift be?

I have done this workout and there is simply no way to explain how much it fucks with you. We talk about volume here, but there is nothing we have done to date that has had the sheer volume and drain of this one. Before doing this workout I recommend a good night sleep, massive amounts of hydration and a good bit of caffeine. After this workout I suggest you eat and eat big.

So, without further ado, here it is:


1) Superset 10×20

Leg Extensions


Seated Hamstring Curls

2) Superset 10×10

Leg Press (wide stance)


Barbell Walking Lunges

3) Squats: 5 sets. 15, 12, 10, 8 +4(rest pause), 6 (with drop set of 6, 18)

4) Superset 5×20

Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift


Laying Hamstring Curls

5) Superset 5×20

Horizontal Leg Press: Close Stance (if you don’t have both types of leg press machine in your gym just do the one you have)


Goblet Squat


And that is it fellas. This will shock your muscles into growth. When you feel like you are about done think of arnolds voice saying “let’s get serious.” This is a real deal leg workout. If you aren’t walking poorly the next day something went wrong. Go get it boys. Let it hurt and, like CT Fletcher remember to occasionally look at your muscle and yell “I COMMAND YOU TO GROW MOTHER FUCKER”

Get that grind!