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The Grecian Ideal Physique Why do we go to the gym? Well, each of us has our own reasons and usually more than one. Some people go because it channels their energies in a positive way, others go because it appeals to their physical or sportsman like inclination, others are there because of the way it forces you to compete with yourself and there are many other reasons. However, one reason that most, if not all, gym goers have is to look good. It may not be everyone’s top priority, but it certainly is on the list somewhere.

Hercules never missed back day.
With so many people going to the gym to look good, we are left with one very important question. What does “looking good” mean? Enter the Grecian Ideal. Oddly enough, the Grecian Ideal is pinned to your wrist size. What we are looking for is a lot of quality and dense muscle with very little body fat. However, the true aim once we get the basics down is going to be symmetry.

The symmetry in the human body we are looking fo…

Open Thread - Kids and Cell Phones

My son (14) has been carrying this grudge lately because he is one of the few that doesn't have a phone in his back pocket. My wife and I are torn on the subject. He is definitely not one of the "cool kids" that can isolate themselves and watch video games and porn all day or lend it out to his little sister to set up Tinder accounts, or take nude selfies and accidentally send it to the wrong address. But, there is still a legitimate use for them. Whenever he gets home from his cross-country meets, it would be nice if he could just call. What think ye?

Right now, my wife has a dumb phone that does text but nothing else, we let him borrow when he needs it.

Energy Part Three - Nuclear's Future

I get it, Nuclear Energy has a bad reputation as of lately. Accidents like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Fukushima have been used by the media and the beatniks to turn public perception away from it's use. Nuclear Waste and possible proliferation has added fuel to the anti-nuke message.

What if I told you that most of those concerns can go away within the decade with a innovative new form of Nuclear Reactor?

Basics There are three known methods of viable nuclear energy to be made from natural materials. First, is by mining Uranium ore, and isotopically separating the U235 out and burning that. U235 is expensive, it is about as rare as platinum, and much more difficult to separate. Moreover, in current solid fuel technology, only about 1-1/2% of the material is actually used. The remaining portion is then stored as waste.

U238 can be hit with a neutron, converted into Pu239 and burned in a reactor. This is much better as there is far more U238 than U235, but there is still the…

Lessons From Rome Part II ~ by Ransom

This article is the second in an overview of the Roman Empire & the lessons which may be drawn from it. The material discussed is drawn heavily from The History of Rome Podcast (, which is well-worth listening to.
My goal in this series is to draw out several lessons from Roman history – some of them useful to us as individual men, some providing insight to the world around us, and some that are just plain historically interesting.
This article draws on the period of time starting with the reign of Caesar Augustus and concluding with the reign of Marcus Aurelius. This is covered by podcast episodes 53 - 95.
The Concentration of Power
Augustus Caesar was about as good of an emperor as one could reasonably hope for. He set about reforming the operation of the empire to resolve internal conflicts & abuses of power, attempted to solidify the boundaries of the empire, and did his best to raise up successors to ensure a smooth transition when it w…

99 Rules for Men - Part 39

39. Know your way around a kitchen. I think I wrote about this before. (It was a "Monday Meme" piece) You need to be independent from your wife. Being dependent on her is no position to be in. If you can cook as good as she does, or better, she cannot hold it over your head. It serves as a good way to communicate your personal preferences to food. I enjoy cooking, it is a nice relaxing way to spend time with the kids while actively doing something.

Teach your kids how to cook as well. A four year old can stir the gravy (although you may need to check it periodically so it doesn't burn). Take the time to work with them to learn fractions and applicable chemistry.

I typically cook 2-3 times per week, if my wife has something going on at church, or if I feel like doing it on the weekend. Otherwise, she usually has the food ready about when I get home.

The same goes with the other chores, do it enough that you have the skills, but not so much that you are the workhorse.

WB Archives 20180115 - Day One

Day 1 Is Finally Here Well team, after many months of being out of the gym recuperating from my last hard push and recovering from some minor injuries, I am finally back on program. Months ago I set 1/15 at my starting date and here it is.
I am pleased to say that it was not a disappointment. Day one in the gym in earnest I could feel the energy pumping through me. My stats are off right now as are my measurements, but I know my body and how it reacts so I am not worried.
I must say that the energy and exuberance that I woke up with this morning was absolutely intense. From the moment my eyes were open I was ready to conquer whatever got in front of me.
As per request I will give my starting stats. Standing at 6 foot tall my starting weight is 205 with a body fat percentage of 18-20%. This is far from my ideal, but after taking several months off of the gym and eating whatever I wanted I am pretty happy with this as a start. Last year at the end of program I clocked in …

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