Time To Hang Up My Hat


Its been about 7 years. I first logged onto Return of Kings in early spring 2014. Since then, I got older, had our 6th kid, bought a house, and wasted far too much time. I have been contemplating making a change for some time now. 

I really don't know why I took the time to write on here, some of it is for the lulz, some of it was to work on my writing, but mostly it was to try to share a message to a group of guys. Modern society stinks of course, but it is not entirely hopeless. There is good in each of us. I was trying to show you guys that there is a way to have a decent life.

What you guys do with this site is up to you. Murdoc has the keys. I would hope that it stays about the same, with Ransom and Jnyx writing, but I would guess it will become dormant like ROK is now. Most of you guys spend more time on Telegram anyway, and our group keeps getting smaller. There are two remaining articles of mine on Wednesdays that I did earlier, but this is my last time I'm gonna write here. 

I'm gonna let this account go dormant and get rid of my telegram account, but if you want to get hold of me, I will keep my email up. saladchef75@gmail.com

Thanks for the laughs.

        Jim Johnson

Edit: strike this, reverse it. I’m gonna finish out my “strengthening the family” series at least. If anyone would care to take the Monday slot however. I would appreciate it. I will make sure Wednesdays are filled.